Thursday, April 14, 2011

Stars of The Spiral

Sorry, fellow wizards on my delay of blogging. FYI, I'm back and feeling better than ever (not really but you get my point)! I have been very busy leveling Jordan Seadreamer to level 50 and I am ALMOST (but not quite) there! Currently I am level 48, but no need to fear, I am working on getting to level 50! Right now I am working on the Obsidian Chests quest, so wish me luck! ;)

Now on to the MAIN chase! As you all may or may not know I am now a part of a MAGNIFICENT team called Stars of the Spiral (or SotS for short). In Stars of the Spiral we provide YOU wizards with information on things you may or may not know about the Spiral. This information we provide you includes: Pets, clothes, gardening, crafting, quests, snacks, treasure cards, etc. WOW that's A LOT of info! If you're interested in checking the website out please head to: I am currently the pet trainer there for now unless I get fired. ;)

If you have any questions as to how to use SotS or you might have pet talents/derbies to send in (don't worry we'll give you credit) please send me an e-mail at:

Until NEXT time,
Balance the book YOUR way,
~Jordan Seadreamer (Snives for the Pokelovers)

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